Stock Invertory

User Access Control


F&B Table Floorplan Management

Add, Update, and Remove item detail in Real-Time.
Create multiple staff accounts and to manage login control feature.
Valuable keep track into your Sales, Activity, and Product Performance in Real-Time.
Simple applicate table floorplan layout design. Easier define and document basic order.

Item Search and Scan

Member Credit

Discount and Promotion


Barcode scan or key in to find specific items immediately with item search.
Apply member card on the individual customer. Customer can be top up member credit values to bill receipt.
Application discounts on the individual items or whole order. Discounts can be setting by a fixed amount or percentage.
Apply voucher on the whole order. Vourcher can be setting by a percentage or fixed amount.

Food & Beverage

Station make order, amend order, cancel order and even table transfer or combine. Split bill for everyone in the table to pay their own bill.

Retail & Hardware

Experience in shopping and market.

Kiosk Station

Easy inventory management and understanding their products accordingly.

Food Truck

Mobile paying by debit or credit card processors option.

Beauty & Salon

Ease management and increase sales with salons, spas and beauty parlors.


Will help allow you to set VIP options for your loyal customers. Experience through membership discounts, voucher options.